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February TPMThis month’s Travel Post starts out with a three-and-a-half-hour food tour of Bangkok. As a solo traveler, our writer appreciates the flexibility of wandering on her own through a new city, but also enjoys “some time with other visitors, especially with food as the focus.”

Our next writer has one answer to the question of how to come up with a family vacation that will engage the teenagers “to the extent that they freely abandon their phones and related distractions to simply hang out as a family.”

An unusual art show held every year in Laguna Beach, California, features paintings that aren’t really paintings at all, but “living art.”

Sailors long ago started the tradition of carving their names and the names of their boats into the sides of the warehouse at the iconic Anderson’s Dock in Ephraim, Wisconsin. Today it’s the tourists who carry on the tradition.

We end this issue a mile or so beyond the French Quarter of New Orleans on Frenchmen Street — “a narrow avenue with over a dozen venues guaranteed to satisfy aficionados of smooth and sultry jazz.”

Read these stories — and see the great photos that go with them — below.

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 This Month …

  • Bangkok Food Tour (2/1/2017) - In between bites, Pang provided information about the differences in food from Central, North, Northeast, and Southern Thailand; Central tends to be sweet, Southern fiery, North herbaceous, and Northeast simple and spicy. She also shared a bit of history about the neighborhood we visited. For example, Bangrak can be loosely translated as Village of Love, but it also served as a major shipping port in the 18th and 19th centuries. Many of the restaurants we patronized have been in the same building for decades. Panlee Bakery, for example, is located on Charoen Krung, the first road in Bangkok; until it was constructed in the 1860s, canals and the Chao Phraya river provided all transportation.
  • Working Cattle Ranch: Ideal Family Vacation with Young Adult Kids (2/1/2017) - Our first “wow, that was a cool cowboy moment” occurred on day two. We had set out to check the herd in one of the ranch’s six massive pastures and weren’t five minutes along when a limping calf was spotted which needed to be cut from the others, roped, and checked.
  • Plan Now to See the Pageant of the Masters (2/1/2017) - The paintings you think you see in this outdoor venue aren’t really paintings at all. Each of the Masters’ reincarnations is actually populated by people who are standing very still.
  • Anderson’s Dock: A Door County Must-See (2/1/2017) - Due to the dangers of sailing on Lake Michigan, upon reaching the safety of the dock, sailors started a tradition of carving their names and those of their boats into the side of the warehouse to leave a mark that they were there or to let their loved ones know they were safe.
  • The French Quarter’s More Mellow Cousin (2/1/2017) - If it’s your first visit to Frenchmen Street, you can easily sample a handful of spots -- all intimate in size and sound and all within a three-block stretch.