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It started out as a little place in the country to get away with friends. Today Rancho Zandunga in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, has evolved into a live music, dining, and dancing venue that’s open to all.

Donelson is “an old neighborhood with new life, thanks to bars and restaurants focusing on local fare and craft beer,” and according to our writer, it’s worth the six-mile detour from the ever-popular (and often elbow-to-elbow) tourist destination of Nashville.

Traveling is full of surprises. Our next writer was “off to see the 1,600-year-old Big Buddha of the Tiantishan Grottoes” when he encountered a closed road and no English-speaking construction workers. But it was a sunny day and the scenery was inviting, so… off he went, on foot, to search for Big Buddha.

Studies have shown that stroking a cat lowers a person’s blood pressure. If the cats at Maison de Moggy (“Scotland’s first ever cat café”) aren’t too busy playing, you can test the theory for yourself.

Regardless of the season, Hatch Taqueria and Tequilas in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, serves fresh, modern, Mexican cuisine and a variety of margaritas seven days a week to hungry skiers and outdoorsmen and anyone else who appreciates delicious, healthy food in a communal atmosphere.

Read these stories — and see the great photos that go with them — below.

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 This Month …

  • Sunday Pleasures in the Mexican Countryside — Rancho Zandunga! (3/1/2017) - On a short, pleasant drive from the center of colonial San Miguel de Allende, you will find Rancho Zandunga, a music and dining venue created by world-class musician Gil Gutierrez and Rebecca Kemelhar. Six years ago, Gil and Becca began building a “country place” to join with friends and indulge in their passions: making music, cooking and eating good food, drinking flavored margaritas and mezcal cocktails, and relaxing in the country surrounded by the mountains of Guanajuato.
  • Going Off the Beaten Path in Nashville’s Donelson Neighborhood (3/1/2017) - Donelson has been a proper neighborhood since its first suburban-style homes were built in the 1930s, but the last decade has brought new life to this charming corner of Nashville. Labeled “hip” in 2009 due to the creation of a neighborhood non-profit organization that promotes community advancement, the area has come to life with a crop of new businesses complementing a decades-old community and spirit.
  • Looking for Big Buddha, Finding Big Trucks: Making the Most of What You Get (3/1/2017) - Arriving at the turnoff to the grottoes, we find the road closed. After some pantomime with the guard and taxi driver, we can park and walk. No way to ask how far it is, how long to walk, or if the grotto is open. It’s a sunny day, pretty scenery, and, with no Plan B, we’re off to look for Big Buddha.
  • An Edinburgh Café with a Difference (3/1/2017) - This is the home of Maison de Moggy, which opened in May 2015. The owner, Laura O’Neill, who had been intrigued by the cat cafés on her visit to Japan, thought the concept just might go over in Edinburgh. Not only can you purchase the “purrfect cuppa” tea, coffee, or soft drink but also homemade cakes, all prepared in a cat-free area.
  • Tacos and Tequila at Jackson Hole’s Hatch (3/1/2017) - We stepped inside the warm, cozy restaurant where the menu boasted “fresh, modern, Mexican cuisine” along with various constructions of unique, delectable margaritas. The aromas filtering from the kitchen were enough persuasion to ask for a table. As we savored the sweet and salty tang of spirits, the owner stopped by our table to personally welcome us. The place was busy on this weekday evening, and we found out why. Hatch has developed a reputation for not only having great food and drinks but also for their happy hours seven days a week, regardless of the season.