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December TPMThis month’s Travel Post starts out in a “bastion of baked goods and pastries” tucked away in a shopping mall in Carmel, California. Patrons of the Lafayette Bakery & Café are welcomed at the door with a hearty “bonjour” and a convincing Parisian ambiance.

“No matter how experienced a traveler or trekker you are, at some point you’re going to feel sick, get a scrape, or be rushing to the toilet.” As a registered nurse, our next writer combines her medical knowledge with travel tips to help others stay healthy on the road.

New Orleans’s Bourbon House offers samples via tasting flights, craft bourbon cocktails, snifters, and cooking. With over 250 bourbons to choose from, more than one visit might be called for.

Our next writer — while having a bit of a laugh at her husband’s expense — offers a valuable lesson on how not to get pickpocketed when traveling abroad.

We end this issue with an excursion into the pristine territory of the Great Bear Rain Forest of British Columbia. Our writer recommends staying at an ecolodge founded by the Kitasoo/Xai’xais First Nations People to sustain their community and culture.

Read these stories — and see the great photos that go with them — below.

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 This Month …

  • Lafayette Bakery & Café: Carmel’s French Masterpiece (12/1/2016) - Lafayette Bakery & Café serves up a fanciful array of French goodies in a casual street-café atmosphere. In sparkling and stuffed-to-overflowing display cases, delicious products -- which have traveled about 15 feet from the busy kitchen readily visible from the counter -- are proudly displayed. The beauty, textures, and flavors of both sweet and savory entrées evidence many years of old-world French experience, where this team ran a bakery and café. Reasonably-priced perfection for breakfast, brunch, or lunch.
  • 8 OTC Medications for Every Traveler (12/1/2016) - At some point, every traveler feels sick, gets a scrape, or rushes to the toilet. Pharmacies around the world stand ready to help, but it’s so much handier to head back to your room and pull out your favorite remedy. No searching at odd hours, no language barrier, no unfamiliar brand.
  • Get a Masters in Kentucky Bourbon Tasting in New Orleans (12/1/2016) - Tawny, aromatic, and warming, bourbon is the only true American spirit. It’s crafted up-river in Kentucky. New Orleans shares in bourbon history. Countless barrels have moved down the Mississippi on their way to New Orleans and points around the globe.
  • Cargo Shorts: Not Foolproof (12/1/2016) - Recently, we returned to Europe and my husband proudly packed his cargo shorts, recalling the story of his near miss in Paris. While I hoped he was right, I was a little skeptical. After all, it’s just a button between us and the loss of everything keeping us afloat on a long journey through another continent.
  • In Search of the Spirit Bear (12/1/2016) - The Spirit Bear, also known as the Kermode bear, is a relatively rare creature found only within the Great Bear Rain Forest. The animal is actually a black bear born with a creamy white coat, the result of a mutant gene. About one in 10 cubs is born with this unique characteristic. SBL does not guarantee a Spirit Bear sighting, a rare find, but the guides work diligently to find the animals. Being a bit bear crazy, news of this recent sighting encouraged our hope that we would be among the next assembly to witness the magical white bear.