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February 2, 2009

Discover Your Frontier Spirit:
Floating the Colorado River at Lees Ferry

By Julia Drake
High, dry, and lonesome, the valley stretches north into endlessness. East and west, sun-burnt sandstone cliffs and red-rock canyons rise into the crisp blue sky as the deserted two-lane highway meanders through a landscape of golden sagebrush, willows, and cottonwoods.

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Floating the Colorado River at Lees Ferry" »

February 3, 2009

Kensington: The Girliest Palace in London!

By Kate Mahar
Diana’s dresses, blushing debutantes and mannequins posing in court dress set the stage for the distinctly feminine appeal of London’s Kensington Palace. From now through the end of January 2010, two very special exhibitions make this fairytale palace a must-see for female visitors to London in the year ahead.

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Hawaii’s Five Best Bets for Big Island Beaches

By Connie Werner Reichert
The Big Island of Hawaii does have its quandaries, among them: Where’s the beach? While there are hundreds of beaches on Oahu, Maui and Kauai, some people leave the Big Island disappointed by the lack of beaches.

But there are unique beaches on the Big Island, including pure white sand beaches, green sand beaches, and black sand beaches, too.

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Disappearing Tides and Lobster Perfection at the Bay of Fundy

By Peggy Gordon
You won't see any floating docks in the Bay of Fundy, like you do on the Pacific Coast of North America.

The reason why is really quite simple... low tide in harbours along the Bay of Fundy means no tide at all. You can actually stand on the ocean floor. So you can’t use floating docks. Such a place is Hall’s Harbour, west of Cape Split on the Nova Scotia side of the Bay of Fundy.

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Frugal Europe: Please Your Belly And Your Budget by Dining With the Locals

By Roy Stevenson
Many Americans put off traveling to Europe. They perceive it as beyond their pocketbooks. However, if you do a few simple things, you can cut your food and hotel expenses by as much as 25%.

After airfare, your accommodations and food are your next major expenses when traveling. Here are some ideas to help you shave hundreds of euros (or British pounds, Swiss francs, or Norwegian krone) off your dining in Europe.

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Quiet Season in Cancun: The Perfect Antidote For the Nine-to-Five

By Suzette Brawner
For many travelers, just hearing the word Cancun conjures up images of loud, pulsing music, unlimited tequila shots, and throngs of half-naked college students burning off stress over Spring Break. Yes, during March and April every year, undergraduates migrate en masse to warmer weather with an unofficial invitation to the big party. 

But as students head back to campus to face finals and the end of another school term, Cancun readies itself for the influx of another group... families.

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