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Photographer's Guidelines

Travel Post Monthly Photographer's Guidelines

At Travel Post Monthly, we publish sound travel advice that saves readers time, money, and trouble when they travel as well as short, engaging stories about destinations the world over -- those, too, with a practical bent.

Photo Needs

We're always in the market for travel-related photographs to illustrate our stories or our front cover... as well as stand-alone images that give the viewer a real sense of place and tell a story themselves.

Photos can also be about travel generally -- a person packing a suitcase or waiting for a train, for example. People in shots of this nature should appear happy, healthy, and look like they're having fun.

We don't accept "dated" photos that have obviously been sitting around for years. Our publication is timely, and we want human subjects and backgrounds to look modern.  We also prefer photos that appeal to a broad audience, rather than "family album" shots.

We encourage creative angles, action shots, and unusual photos you don't see every day.

Your photos are more likely to be accepted for publication if they:

  1. Focus on one clear, interesting subject and are virtually clutter-free.
  2. Are professional-looking, in-focus, well-exposed, and don't include date stamps or other distractions.
  3. Illustrate the people, places, and activities mentioned in your article.

Details about Rights

Travel Post Monthly functions not only as a stand-alone travel publication, but also as a vehicle to profile and promote the work of ITWPA members. We send it to an ever-expanding list of editors looking for travel content for their own publications. When they find a story or photo they'd like to publish, they are instructed to contact the author (you) directly to negotiate rights and fees.

Travel Post Monthly does not -- at this time -- pay contributors. But we work hard to get your work in front of editors who do.

Contributors maintain all rights to articles and photographs published in Travel Post Monthly. We will keep past issues archived on our searchable website so that editors looking for material about a particular destination, for example, can find yours.

But say you've sold a photo -- and the editor has purchased the archive rights or even worldwide rights -- just let us know and we'll take your piece down.

On the other hand, say you've sold a photo that appears here -- but only relinquished one-time rights. We're happy to keep it in the Travel Post Monthly archive for editors to find a second time. When one contacts you, you can simply tell him or her what rights are available.

If you have already sold certain -- but not all -- rights to your image and would like your photo considered for publication in Travel Post Monthly, please state which rights remain and are available for sale when you submit your photo.

Note: You must own the copyright to your image. You automatically own the copyright to an image the instant you take a shot. But you may sell this copyright to others. And if you have, you cannot submit that photograph here for our consideration.

Specifications for Photo Submissions

To submit a photo to Travel Post Monthly, go to our online submission form at: Click here to complete the submission form. You should know:

  1. We prefer color images.
  2. We consider high-resolution digital image files only.  (If you're shooting film or transparencies, please scan your images in color (unless photo is black and white) at 300 dpi (dots per inch) at a size no smaller than 3 x 4 and saved as a JPEG file.)  All files will be shrunk for optimal web viewing.  Should an editor wish to purchase your photograph, you'll be responsible for supplying him or her with the original, high-resolution version.  Travel Post Monthly does not store your image and can not manage the sale for you.
  3. Label each image with your name, email address, telephone number, and an individual reference number or code that will help you identify the picture should someone want to buy it.  An editor or photo buyer may email you requesting picture DSC16785, for instance, and you'll want to be able to identify the high-resolution version of that shot on your own computer. 

Include With Each Photo

Again, you'll find the photo submission form for Travel Post Monthly here: Photo Submission Form

On that page, we will ask you to provide the following information with your photo:

  1. The city, state, and country in which the photo was taken.
  2. A caption describing the location or action captured in the picture. (Captions should be no longer than 75 words.)
  3. Your name and email address as you'd like them to appear in the magazine (and so we can contact you).
  4. Whether or not you have a model release available.
  5. What rights are available for sale with your photo.

Priority Given to ITWPA Members

Please be aware that we give priority to photos submitted by ITWPA members. But we are happy to receive submissions from other travel photographers as well.

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